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The relocation from Connecticut to the nursing home in Rochester, NY, went very well. Angela was great with my father. I was very relieved that it went so smoothly. Your services were excellent from start to finish. I would highly recommend you and Angela if ever asked! 

Local Social Work Professional

I just wanted to share I needed a PRI done asap and called several providers. Laurie Miraglia, Seniors Choice, called me back immediately. She arranged to do the PRI a few days later (today); has already faxed it to the nursing home and sent me a copy. Her response time and communication were excellent. I just wanted to share should you be in need of someone.

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Dusya - Rochester, NY

Laurie, you’re a very dear person. You’re a wonderful part of a beautiful plan that began in God’s heart. Thank you…………….

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Bob from VA

We have certainly been spoiled with Senior Choice Care Management when we compare it with the problems my wife’s family had with the home care service for her parents here in Milwaukee. Thanks for doing a great job.

Sue & Scott Shales

Thank you very much for making this transition go so smoothly. You have taken care of a lot of details that we wouldn’t have been able to do, or know how to do. In many ways you’re like a lifesaver, especially keeping me sane!! God bless you more and more.

Sue - Fairport, NY

Thank you very very much for making this transition go so smoothly. When I see all the details of things that needed to be arranged and the phone calls, it made me realize that we could have never done this without you. There are so many things that were needed to get Ed into our home, many things we didn’t even think about, but you knew and understood how to put it all together. In many ways, you are a lifesaver. Best of all you are there for us! God bless you more and more.


Thank you so very much for your super responsiveness, professionalism and wonderful way you interacted with both our parents through the transition from Assisted to skilled nursing.


It has been a very busy month taking care of mom post stroke and getting her settled in St. John’s. I would be remiss if I did not take the time to let you know how over-the-top pleased I am with the quick help I received April 9 when I left you a crazy message! Tonya was in moms room to assess what was going on in less than one hour! She has been so supportive and helpful! Despite being a nurse it’s nice to have someone who is an expert in her field and can assist with making the right connections.
Many thanks again you run a tiptop business something to be proud of! 

The Roth Family

Our utmost thanks for all your personal and professional support and compassion, with helping our parents. You are the best and truly are an asset to our family as well as to your profession. All our continued thanks for being you and all you have done for us.

Mary Beth

Tonya, our priceless thanks for always being there for us and helping us. Having you as a true professional and dear family friend is such a life blessing. You truly are a family angel. Warm Wishes.

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Laurie’s been helping out with my mom for several years now. Her help has been indispensable. My mom lights up when Laurie comes in–she just loves her! And I couldn’t have handled the situation without Laurie’s professional, expert, compassionate help.
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When my father’s health declined rapidly, my mother lost her sole care-giver. We had to hire 24/7 aides to care for her while my father was in and out of hospitals 400 miles from any family. My brother and I were struggling to care for them from a distance, and every time we visited and returned home, another disaster struck! Laurie helped us through a rough time relocating two very frail parents so that we could enjoy their company and also participate in their care. She was always available with an encouraging word and was able to open doors and advise us when our parents’ care-givers were just not responding. Laurie and Angela were absolutely adored by both parents, and are still fondly remembered by the whole family. This is a caring, professional and totally reliable group. Highly recommended to anyone who needs help and advice on most any aspect of elder care!

Edna - Rochester, NY

Laurie Miraglia provides geriatric care services for my 91-year old former mother-in-law, who has severe dementia. Thelma lives in her own home and has refused to move to an assisted care facility. I am solely responsible for overseeing Thelma’s home care and medical care. Fortunately, we have a very reliable home help 5 days a week.

I enlisted the support of Laurie because in my absence; there is no family member able to take over my responsibility. Laurie stays current with Thelma’s status by making monthly visits. Laurie has made helpful suggestions for keeping Thelma safe and enhancing her quality of life. In addition, if the time comes that Thelma must move to a higher level of care, I will rely on Laurie to guide that transition.

It brings me great comfort to know that if I’m out of town or unable for some other reason, there is someone to step in for me who knows Thelma’s background. Because of dementia, Thelma is unable to provide a health history or even accurate current medical information.

In all instances, Laurie has been professional, knowledgeable, caring and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs geriatric care management services from a qualified, reliable professional.

Steve - Tucson, Arizona

I live in Arizona and I care for my Aunt who lives in Rochester, NY. Although I knew that one day I would probably be the family member to assist my Aunt, my “call to duty” came about suddenly. When it happened, I did not know anything about my Aunt’s medical needs. My Aunt had moved from an Independent living apartment to a nursing home. Senior’s Choice was hired to help coordinate my Aunt’s medical care. Without Laurie’s help, I would have felt totally lost. Laurie’s knowledge and experience helped me get my Aunt situated in the nursing home that best fit her needs. Laurie continues to provide me with her assessment of my Aunt’s condition and her caregivers’ recommendations. Not being able to be there myself, it is very comforting to know that I have a qualified and independent professional who my Aunt really likes to help me make the right decisions.