Roger and his wife Emma have always loved to dance. Emma often tells the story of how they first met in a ballroom group as college students during a strangely snowy autumn in Boston. The rest, as we say, is history, and the love of dance grew with them. Almost every holiday, their grandchildren request to watch the video of their wedding reception and first dance: Roger, handsome and long-limbed, leading the spirited Emma, whose dress seemed to catch every ray of light.

Throughout the years together, classes and community dancing events have not only strengthened their bodies but also deepened their romance. The energetic whimsy of a twirl never fails to delight them to this day! Lately, Roger has been concerned about staying active, especially as Salsa Nights, which these days are held outdoors, are postponed until the weather warms. We had a few, simple ideas we shared with him that can help any senior, whether you are a beginner or an experienced mover & shaker.

Firstly, why is having regular movement in your week important? As we advance in age, we are more and more aware of the dangers of falling. But, with a few, dependable exercises you can keep the muscles that support vulnerable joints and bones strengthened, and even improve your balance. It can be as easy as 10 minutes each morning, with no equipment needed!

Emma joins Roger every other morning after breakfast in a 10-minute rhythm of alternating movement for 40 seconds and then resting for 20 seconds. They put on a favorite music playlist in their softly carpeted living room for a mixture of standing exercises coupled with motions while seated in a chair. Seated exercises can be done indoors anywhere and are especially excellent for beginners who are working on balance.

Staying active has been a source of joy and connection for Roger and Emma for decades. Though the pandemic has brought unfamiliar challenges to us all, the at-home exercise routine they do has not only added to their limberness but has also improved their mental health and happiness.

We are here for you if you feel your movement has been limited by the pandemic, or you are looking for simple and low-impact ways to stretch and strengthen your body in these golden years.

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