Relocation Assistance

Do you think your loved one would be better off living nearby but worry about the logistics of a move from one state or city to another, especially if the person has serious health problems? Senior’s Choice Care Management takes the stress out of moving and makes it possible for your loved one to relocate safely with the assistance of a registered nurse.  Our nurses help with:

  • Oxygen and medication management
  • Incontinence
  • grandpa and grandson relocation - Relocation AssistanceBlood glucose monitoring
  • Nutritional needs
  • Vital signs
  • Oversight of your loved one’s other medical needs
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Keeping seniors with dementia and memory loss feeling safe


You don’t have to worry about arranging for transportation; we’ll do the legwork and research the safest and most cost-effective means of transportation, whether it’s using a commercial airline or ground transportation. Your worries will be eased with a complete itinerary we’ll prepare– with bed to bed or door to door transfer – taking into account the senior’s health care needs.  A nurse will stay at your loved one’s side until they’re safe and sound at their destination.

Questions or concerns about medical relocation? Give us a call today!