Susan and John took the wise step of planning for their aging years when they were in their 50s, meticulously outlining their preferences in terms of healthcare, housing, and financial matters. They prepared advance healthcare directives, established durable powers of attorney, and even discussed their choices openly with their children to ensure everyone was on the same page. When the time came that they needed care, their adult children, Samantha and Kevin, found the transition to becoming caregivers relatively seamless. Armed with a detailed roadmap created by their parents, they were spared the emotional toll and logistical hurdles that often accompany such life changes. Samantha and Kevin were grateful they could focus on providing quality care for their parents, rather than deliberating over unknowns or resolving conflicts. The clarity and foresight Susan and John demonstrated offered not just peace of mind for them, but also a priceless gift of guidance and reassurance to their children.

If you would like to help your children know your care options, please use this FREE checklist to put together all of the planning items needed.