Mabel had always been a very independent woman, but as she got older her health began to decline. She was determined to stay in her own home and take care of herself, but it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do so. Even though Mabel had plenty of family and friends who were willing to help her, the stress of managing all these tasks on top of everything else was taking a toll on her mental and physical wellbeing and she was worried that she was a burden to her family.

That’s when Mabel’s daughter suggested that they hire a care manager. At first, Mabel was hesitant; hiring someone seemed like an unnecessary expense since she already had plenty of support from loved ones. But after seeing how overwhelmed Mabel felt every day trying to juggle all the different responsibilities around the house, her daughter convinced her that it would be best to investigate getting some professional assistance.

The care manager came into their lives like a breath of fresh air! Not only did they help with finding a good local company who took care of everyday tasks such as grocery shopping and cleaning up around the house – they also provided emotional support for both Mabel and her family members. They stayed connected with each other throughout the week via phone calls or video chats which really helped reduce any feelings of loneliness or isolation that often come along with being an older adult living alone at home.

In addition, having someone consistently check-in on her meant there were fewer surprises when something unexpected popped up – whether it was medical issues related to aging or just general life challenges that tend to arise now and then – it gave everyone involved peace-of-mind knowing that somebody could step in if needed without adding extra stress onto anyone’s plate during this time in their lives.

Overall, having a care manager has made such an incredible impact on both Mabel’s quality-of-life as well as those closest to her: by guiding where necessary while also offering much needed emotional support—it truly is invaluable!

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