When the first case of COVID struck a nursing home in WA State, the country was unsure how it was going to affect everyone. As the news started to spread of it taking the lives of elderly persons in that facility, many families, across the country started to be concerned about how this might affect their aging family members. The spread of the virus hit New York hard. Many families were frightened by the news that they could not visit their aging parents or grandparents. Some moved their family members to their own homes. Others are trying to get regular information about their loved ones’ care and are finding that it’s hard to get the information.

Senior’s Choice Care Management is a professional team of nurses, serving the community surrounding Rochester, New York. We responded immediately to the needs of our aging clients and their families. Our communication included talking with facility staff, clients in their own homes, and families to make sure that everyone was informed of our clients’ care needs. We checked on services and made sure that clients were able to receive their medical care and advocacy to make sure their needs were met.

Now, we have been facing this virus for a few months and our world has changed in so many ways. We want to make sure that if you are a family caregiver, you know you are not alone. Our team is available to help with your families’ care needs. If you need a professional nurse advocate to accompany your elderly family member to medical appointments, manage ongoing care, get the right care assistance in the home, and advocate for their needs during this uncertain time, then Senior’s Choice is the right team to reach out to. We meet with you and your family member in a safe manner and in the way that you prefer.

People who may need our services are:

  • Families with an aging family member living in Assisted Living or a Nursing Home who need an advocate to check on their care and make sure their needs are being met.
  • Families who have moved their aging family member into their own home and need assistance in the home or someone who can help find the right resources and services to help with their care.
  • An aging person who is in the hospital and needs to be discharged with follow-up care available.
  • Those separated by distance. If you don’t live in the Rochester area and your parents or grandparents do then we can be your local contact to help manage care and communicate changes that we see.

Truly, anyone with aging family members can benefit from working with a geriatric care manager (also called an Aging Life Care Manager). It has been our privilege to work with so many local families as well as caring for our own family members as shown on the picture above where our Founder, Laurie Miraglia is helping her grandmother and father.

If you need help with your aging senior in the Rochester, New York, area, please reach out to us at 585-787-0009 or info@seniorschoicecare.com. If your aging parent is outside of our area, you can still contact us for a referral to a geriatric care manager in other locations.


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