Through our blogs, we are going to be sharing the stories of our clients in the Rochester, New York, community. There are many challenges to face with aging parents and grandparents but every challenge has a solution. We would love to help you find your solutions.

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Finding Joy in the Bitter Winter

It’s not uncommon for the change of seasons to impact people’s mental health. Lower levels of sunlight and less physical activity can contribute to feelings of sadness or depression. In Betty’s case, we brainstormed ideas that could help boost her mood.

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The Value of Caregiving

While caring for aging parents can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a source of great stress. It may seem that there are never enough hours in the day for you to meet your own needs, or that there’s simply too much for one person to handle. Learn how a care manager can help relieve the strain so nothing slips through the gaps and you can increase your confidence in your caregiving role.

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Don’t Fall into Fall! Home Safety for Seniors

Falls are a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older senior adults, and can result in broken bones and head injuries. In this post you can learn about the factors that increase fall risk, as well as ways to thoughtfully approach the topic of home safety and independent living with your loved one.

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Providing Expert Assistance to Help Your Loved One Live Their Best Life Possible

When Emily began overhearing hushed conversations about her grandparents, it was difficult for her to focus on her schoolwork and part-time job. When the family hired Senior’s Choice, Emily learned the care managers would not only make recommendations for her grandparents, but that they would assist and educate the whole family. This helped her refocus and rest a little easier at night. Learn how Senior’s Choice can do the same for your family.

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COVID Care at Home in Rochester

The spread of the coronavirus hit New York hard. Many families were frightened by the news that they could not visit their aging parents or grandparents. Some moved their family members to their own homes. Others are trying to get regular information about their loved ones’ care and are finding that it’s hard to get the information.

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When People with Dementia are Hard to Place

Finding the right facility for your aging loved one is challenging work, especially for a senior with dementia that causes challenging behaviors. Learn how Senior’s Choice helped Peter manage his behavior while his family looked for a memory care unit.

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Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

Bob was an active senior living in a retirement community and was in decent health until he broke his leg. Senior’s Choice worked with Bob and his daughters to make all their lives easier so he could make a speedy recovery.

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Helping Families Choose the Right Senior Living Options

Age 82, Helen lived by herself. Her grown sons started to worry when they noticed she stopped taking care of herself and was becoming isolated in her home, but she was reluctant to seek out care management services. Fortunately, I was able to meet with them to find a solution that ensured both their mother’s safety and quality of life.

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“What is a Care Manager and Why do I Need One?”

When 83-year old Myra had a stroke, she was hospitalized for several days and then discharged to a rehab facility. Myra had heart disease and diabetes, which complicated her recovery. Her three daughters scrambled to figure out the next steps since their mother would need a lot of help when it was time to go home.

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