Summer is often considered a time for fun, laughter, adventure, and socializing. However, for the elderly, it can be a time of increased loneliness and isolation, particularly when they are unable to get out of their homes or they need someone to accompany them on outings. As much as we may want to spend time with our elderly loved ones, the demands of work and daily life can make this difficult. This is where we as geriatric care managers come in. We know how to help aging individuals enjoy the summertime, safely and enjoyably.

The Importance of Socialization
Studies have shown that socialization has numerous benefits for elderly people, including lowered risk of depression, better cognitive functioning, and improved physical health. However, many older adults often lack socialization opportunities or face barriers that prevent them from participating in social activities. As Aging Life Care Managers (also known as Geriatric Care Managers) we can help by identifying social opportunities that suit their interests, connecting them with community centers, and arranging for transportation to and from these events.

Overcoming Transportation Barriers
One of the most significant challenges that seniors may face in the summer is transportation. They may lack the ability to drive or live in neighborhoods where public transportation is limited. We can match the right type of transportation services that cater to the older adult’s specific needs. We’ll help schedule and assist them with needs related to using the transportation.

Enjoying Summer Activities
Summer activities such as picnics, outdoor concerts, and summer camps can be a great way for seniors to enjoy the season and socialize with others. However, some of these activities may require extra planning and coordination to ensure that they are safe and enjoyable. We can help plan the logistical details of the activity, such as finding accessible venues and coordinating with the event organizers. If they make friends, we can help them figure out ways that they can meet up with their friends. It doesn’t have to revolve around large events.

Assistance with Day-to-Day Activities
Seniors who live alone may find it challenging to perform daily tasks such as grocery shopping or house cleaning. There are local services that assist with these tasks so that your loved one can save their energy for socialization and spending time doing the things they love to do.

Ensuring Regular Check-Ins
Loneliness and isolation, particularly in the summer, can take a toll on the elderly person’s morale and mental health. When we meet them for regular check-ins, either in-person visits or video check-ins, we provide a sense of companionship, provide emotional support, and ensure their well-being. We also update involved family members every step of the way.

Summer is a time when many of us look forward to creating lasting memories with friends and family. However, for elderly persons, it can be a lonely time when they are unable to get out and enjoy the season. With the help of geriatric care managers, aging persons can enjoy the benefits of socialization and activities that come with summer. Our ability to coordinate and monitor services, from arranging transportation to organizing social events to aiding with everyday tasks, meets the goal of keeping them active and involved. Involvement helps them thrive and enjoy their summer.