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Call us right now to get help coordinating the care needs of elderly and disabled family members in the Rochester, NY, community. Gain instant access to solutions for challenging care situations from our consultants, who use their life experience as registered nurses, to answer your most pressing questions and help with care coordination and solutions to challenges you are facing. The goal is to help your loved one live their best life possible.

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Are you and your family looking for assistance in managing the challenges of aging? Are you unsure where to find the best care for a senior who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, has a chronic illness, or is getting frail? If you live far away, are you worried about who will look out for your loved one when you can’t be there?

You can count on Senior’s Choice Care Management to help you and your family plan for a wide range of elder care issues. From finding housing to the right in-home services, Senior’s Choice Care Management guides you through the process to ensure that your loved one enjoys a safe, comfortable, and dignified lifestyle.

What is Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric professionals assist families with understanding, planning, and managing the care of an elderly loved one. You can set your mind at ease knowing that a geriatric professional is looking out for your loved one’s care, whether they’re living at home, in a long-term care setting, or in the hospital.

Care management

Meet long-term care needs, improve quality of life, and maintain independence as long as possible.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

When you need to know what to expect and how to proceed, we are here for you.


Medication Management

Don’t worry if medications are being managed, taken, or refilled properly.

Crisis Ready Program

Be ready when your loved one has a sudden or serious health problem! 

Patient Review Instrument (PRI)

Determine if your care recipient is eligible for skilled nursing home placement. This review can only be performed by a registered nurse. We are qualified to use this tool.

Relocation Assistance

Need help moving your loved one closer to you? There are many logistics involved, especially if the person has serious health problems. We have done this before and our nurses are ready to help.


Additional Services

Our team can solve pretty much any challenge you are facing. We also offer Medical, Financial, and Insurance Advocacy as well as Long Term Claim Administration, Household Finance & Recordkeeping, and Relocation & Home Sale Assistance, to name just a few. No issue is too small or too large for us to help provide quality solutions and care.

“The relocation from Connecticut to the nursing home in Rochester, NY went very well. Angela was great with my father. I was very relieved that it went so smoothly. Your services were excellent from start to finish. I would highly recommend you and Angela if ever asked!


“We have certainly been spoiled with Senior Choice Care Management when we compare it with the problems my wife’s family had with the home care service for her parents here in Milwaukee. Thanks for doing a great job.

Bob from VA

Geriatric & Aging Life Care Management With Senior’s Choice Care Management in Rochester, NY