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Patient Review Instrument (PRI)

A Patient Review Instrument (PRI) is a medical evaluation tool that identifies whether or not an individual is eligible for skilled nursing care placement. As part of the PRI, the "Screen" is required.

Family members dealing with an elderly loved one cannot simply check them into a skilled nursing facility. Skilled nursing care requires an assessment to determine whether a person is appropriate for that level of care. The patient review instrument, or PRI, is an assessment tool used to determine the cognitive and physical skill levels of a person. The assessment is not necessary for those entering assisted living or independent living communities. Although the test is performed in many cases to determine whether assisted living or skilled nursing is most appropriate.

It is mandated by law that a PRI, be performed by a registered nurse. A PRI and Screen is valid in NY State for 90 days, as long as the patient's health status has not changed. It is used to determine the level of care and the type of facility required. It includes medical condition, treatments and medications needed, special diets or therapies needed, physical and mental abilities and limitations, ability to perform acts of daily living such as eating moving and toileting, behaviors such as aggressiveness and disruptiveness.

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