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Crisis Ready Program

Senior's Choice Care Management can perform the crisis ready program.

The Crisis Ready Program assists families and their loved one when either faced with a crisis and/or planning before a crisis occurs. It starts with a very thorough Geriatric nurse assessment.

Extensive medical information is gathered so the nurse care manager has everything necessary to act quickly when a problem arises. Following the assessment, the nurse care manager, keeps in contact with the family and their loved one on a regular basis. She answers any questions or concerns they may encounter. It's like having an extended family member onsite who has the medical background to assist appropriately.

When a crisis occurs, we are there to reassure you that your loved one is being taken care. The families are very relieved to have a knowledgeable professional being the eyes and ears on the scene and monitoring all care.

Many long distant care givers rely on us to keep an eye on their loved one and be there to manage the details when the road gets rocky. We keep you informed on what home care services are needed to keep your parent safe and comfortable. Long distance care givers request the Crisis Ready Program for reassurance that their loved one is getting all the appropriate help, and that their needs are being met.

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